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Deep Space Noob is a Star Trek : Deep Space Nine podcast where Eddie Mungai, a lifelong Trekkie, watches episodes of DS9 with his best friend, Sergeant Redacted, who has never seen Star Trek before in her life.

New Fundraising Goal!

Jul 29, 2018

A number of you have asked me if and when Sarge and I will go over the movies. Well, we’d love to, but frankly, our current podcasting duties are a lot of work so far, and we’re going to need an increase in income before we can add in reviewing the movies.
So, we’ve added the movies as a fundraising goal! Once we reach our goal, Sarge and I will add an extra bonus episode to the feed once a month where we’ll review one of the movies, moving through them chronologically from Star Trek : The Motion Picture to Star Trek Beyond. So if you wanna see Sarge’s reaction to the crew meeting God at the center of the galaxy or hear me do a bad impression of Chekov saying “Nuclear Wessels”, then contribute money to our frivolous endeavor at! We’re already about a fourth of the way there!